how to save voicemails from iphone

In this article I am going to teach you how to save voicemails from your iPhone. First of all you need to download the Voice Memos application from the Apple store. When you have it installed and activated, it will ask you if you want to transfer any voice files to your computer. Select “yes” so that your voicemail files are copied to your computer and they are stored securely for future reference.

Now, back to the problem. Your voicemail is in a very busy storage path on your computer and it takes a lot of time to backup it. You should use the default audio/video options and let iTunes backup your voicemail on its own. This step automatically backs up your voicemail in the specified storage path.

The next step is to use your iPhone built in voice memos. You will be prompted to insert a text message. Once you do that hit the back button and then browse to settings. Here you will find the default voicemail storage path and you should change it from “Airdrop” to”:/ios9/mail”.

The final step is to launch iTunes and open the file you want to transfer. If your file is in the normal folder structure that iTunes has created for you then you should click the “select folder” icon so that you can choose a folder named after you or your desired user name. To be able to save voicemails to your PC, you will need an airdrop USB cable. You plug it into your USB port of your computer and it will begin transferring your files to your iPhone for saving to your PC.

After that, iTunes will prompt you for a location where you can save your backup files. Choose the location or click on the plus sign icon and type in the appropriate location. When the location is completed, iTunes will proceed to begin copying your voicemails to your computer. A slight hitch may occur when your phone receives and parses some files. If that occurs then iTunes will prompt you again for a location to save your backups.

The final step in this how to save voicemails from iPhone tutorial is simply to save your backup data. To do this, all you have to do is hit the back button on your keyboard and then hit the + sign key to bring up the location you set during step one. You will then see two options; synchronize or sync data. The difference is that with the sync-data option, you will create an image of your voicemail message. This image will be kept on your computer and can be used to import into any program that can import audio and video files.

In this how to save voicemails from iPhone tutorial, we have looked at creating a backup on your iPhone and importing that backup onto your PC. We looked at how to transfer your messages from your iPhone to your PC and how to sync your messages between your iPhone and your PC. In the last section, we looked at how to save voicemails from iPhone to your PC. In the final step, we looked at how to import that backup on your PC. It’s time to put it to work and start saving those priceless messages.

We hope that you found this how to save voicemails from iPhone tutorial informative and that you are now prepared to begin restoring those precious messages from your iPhone. If you have any questions about the process or if you need any further assistance, then you can visit our website which provides you with all the information you need. Once there, you can download all the software you need to transfer voicemails from iPhone to PC wirelessly. You can also use select to browse through various pictures and video tutorials so that you can learn how to sync your files from your iPhone with your computer via gaseous mobimover and create a backup so that you never miss a single important message.