how to organize apps on iphone

How to organize apps on iPhone is not as difficult as it seems. However, you have to be organized before you can get to the real nitty gritty. First, you have to determine what kind of things you would like to group. For example, you may group games and media. The first thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to label the folders according to what you intend to use them for or based on a particular category.

How to organize apps on iPhone: Layouts labeled according to what you actually do with these apps. Credit: washable / screengrab. For some individuals, default category names like “productivity,” “reference,”, and “utility” are too generic. Instead, take a minute to think of what you use your iPhone for.

What do you typically do with each of your apps? If you use an application like iWork for iPhone to produce work or documents, you probably want to have its folder on your home screen so that you can quickly access its various documents. If you play video games, check your games, check the news, or surf the web, you might tap into a folder that lets you access all of those apps at once. For more tips on how to organize apps on iPhone, read on.

You might have some icons on your home screen that you don’t particularly recognize or use very frequently. If you’re in the habit of constantly deleting items, then perhaps you could remove these, as well. If you have several shortcuts to navigate from one application to another, maybe you should remove them, too. Here are some ways to make sure your apps are easy to find and accessible without cluttering your home screen.

If you have several shortcuts to open different programs, then one of them shouldn’t be on your home screen at all. It should be in a separate slot, like a thumbnail or something similar. This is one way how to organize apps like iPhone so you always have the one you need at a glance. The same goes for any widgets you have on your home screen. You don’t want to have to swipe through different apps just to see if you have the one you want. If you need them, show them, but hide the others.

You might also want to organize your apps according to how you use them. Perhaps there are folders for apps used for work or business, then another for entertainment. If you often use the kitchen apps, it’s a good idea to have a folder for recipes, weather reports, or news, and one for games and relaxing.

One of the best tips on how to organize apps on iPhone is to group similar items together, such as documents, contacts, and other folders. If you group them by date or time, then you can just tap into one folder and drag it over to the appropriate spot on your home screen. You’ll be able to move apps from one location to another very quickly.

You can even add extra icons onto your home screens, such as a clock, a calculator, a camera, or something else. By tapping one of these, you can bring up the accompanying app icons. Then move apps from one icon to the next or click on “remove” to get rid of them from your homescreen. Just keep in mind that moving apps around on your home screen is an effective way to make room for more useful ones you know you need.